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Piano Tiles is one of the runaway hits in the vein of popular games that suddenly shot to the top of the internet. No wonder it became Top 3 of free music games in the world. Because of its addictive gameplay, Piano Tiles 2 proves that nothing is as fun as beating your own high score.

The Game Piano Tiles or Don’t tap the White Tile was the most downloaded game of 2014. Now, this game has been into its latest version, the game Piano Tiles 2. With its set of new features, the Piano Tiles game is here to set new records.



The concept and object of the game is still pretty much the same – a grid of tiles scrolls down your screen and you must click all the black tiles without making any mistakes. As you press on the tiles, you can hear piano keys play along with your actions.

Now, with that information on Piano Tiles 2 out of the way, let us get a move on to its amazing features.


Level up to Unlock Tons of Music!

Surely, Piano Tiles 2 may be an easy game, but with its addictive features, you will never say “I’m tired of this game”. You’re free to do anything you want with this game including playing the song of your choice!

As you play, you’d get to level up and unlock new music and themes. Since each music comes with its own set of challenging twists, you will never run out of stuff to do!


Blue Notes to Collect!

Your favorite songs are waiting for you! There are other ways to unlock your songs rather than acquiring exp. Collect tons of blue note fragments to unlock it all or just let it be and play all the songs that you have in your own selection. But who does not want their favorite songs in their selection, right?


Noteful Events to Keep it Cool and Groovy!

Moreover, it is quite easy to get bored with repeatedly clicking tiles. However, Piano Tiles 2 free game provides an odd sense of satisfaction! You will want to do it over and over again, especially because of the events and contents.

Furthermore, there are many types of events and challenges such as the Pianist Challenge, Journey of Star and Magical Clover. Each of them rewarding your efforts with a hefty sum of in-game currency.


Hundreds of Genres for Diversity!

In the 2014 version, Piano Tiles 2 songs were just limited to classical music, but now it has been upgraded. Now, there are various music genres to choose from.

As you level up and unlock songs, you will have new genres of music, ranging from classical, folk songs, pop, rave, and many more. With this range of music, you can discover new genres that will interest you. Who knows, maybe a random Piano Tiles melody will catch your attention!

Picky or not, you will surely find at least one genre that will suit your interest. However, there’s no better way to become an instant master pianist who can play songs of all genres!


Upbeat Modes for Ability Increase!

Also, you will never get bored with Piano Tiles 2 because it is equipped with different kinds of modes. Let us walk you through these modes one-by-one:



In Speed mode, you get to choose three types: Beginner, Skilled and Master. Each type is different, testing your speed and reflexes into pressing the correct tile according to the speed you have chosen.



In Gameplay mode, there are also three types to choose from, such as Slider Tiles, Combo Tiles, and lastly Double Tiles.

Slider Tiles
In Slider tiles, there will be black tiles scrolling down your screen, the challenge is there are tiles that you have to slide, crisscrossing to stomp you in your game.

Combo Tiles
This is one of the most heart stomping mode ever. The tiles are a combination with different types of tiles such as single tiles, holding tiles, double tiles and big tiles. Press those tiles without missing any beat!

Double Tiles
The challenge in this mode is that you have to go through all the double tiles presented at a steadily increasing speed.



Just like the other two modes, there are also three types that you can choose. Accompaniment, Single Tile and the favorite of all the Classic.

In Accompaniment, you have to press tiles at the sides accompanying the long tap tiles.

Single Tiles
In Single Tiles, Black Tiles will run across your screen at an increasing speed. You must press every tile without missing any beat.

In Classic, there are several tiles that players must press to win within a time limit of 30 seconds. The screen will move manually at the rate in which the tiles are pressed.

Piano Tiles 2 is incredibly easy to pick up and play. However, it is extremely hard to put down once you start. If you are looking for a simple time-waster, this game has just the right mix of gameplay and challenge that will keep you coming back for more.

Download and play it now for free! Also, you can try Magic Tiles 3 and Magic Tiles Piano Despacito on your PC. 

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Download and Play Piano Tiles 2 on PC, MAC FREE now!

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Piano Tiles 2™ Screenshot

Play and Download Piano Tiles 2 Now Available on PC & Mac FREE!